Welcome to Ionic Native

What is Ionic Native?

Ionic native is a set of wrappers written in Typescript that supports Promise and Observables. This helps in easy development or integration of various native functionalities. Since these wrappers support Promise and Observables inherently, these help us to utilize Angular to a great extent and thereby helping us in utilizing the change detection mechanism as well.

In this series, as we have seen I have covered some basic to deal with installation and getting your hands wet with Ionic Framework.

We will make use of all the various Ionic Native Plugins available. This will make our journey through Ionic Easy and wonderful. In order to proceed, we will suggest you all should be aware of the last four articles. Once You are up and running with the last four articles we can move ahead with most of the Ionic Native Journey.

The items talked about are mentioned below:-

  1. Installation of Ionic Framework
  2. Using Labs Option with Ionic
  3. Setting up Ionic View
  4. Know more about Ionic Console

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