How to Portfolio

Shivram Mahendran
3 min readJul 23, 2018

1. Tell a story.

One of the most important factors that agencies look at is a story. We craft stories every day and its easy as drinking water for us to detect bullshit. We keen on your story, we’re keen on why, we’re keen on what brought you to make certain decisions to choose that color or that font for your work.

2. Alignment.

Alignment is key, we just hate it when alignments are off. Over the years our eyes are trained to notice even pixel & point differences Our OCD’s kick it on a higher gear when we see misalignment. It makes us feel that you’re not very observant and that you could care less about fixing these mistakes.

3. Strongest pieces only.

4 good pieces of work and 1 bad one can make or break it. It shows inconsistency and the inability to perform well under certain given conditions. Not confident in a piece of work? Leave it out.

4. Less is more.

We have only about 5–7 minutes to learn more about you & your work, Make it count. Long winded paragraphs describing certain elements are useless because let’s be honest we’re not going to read it. Use the least amount of words possible.

5. Pixel Perfect.

Use great images, there are several free stock image websites you could use for your work. Nobody likes pixelated & blurry images or the reasons that come along with putting them in.

6. Concept work is A-Okay.

Got a great new take on an old brand? or a brilliant take on a product? Do it. All concepts are appreciated, they give us a look inside your mind without the restraints of creative briefs.

7. Process is key.

Process, Process, Process. We love to see process, a well drafted story talks a lot about the process. It mentions the why, what and how behind your decision making.

8. Formats.

Powerpoint presentations? Keynote decks? Nah. The most ideal format of delivery are website links second to which are tiny pdfs.

9. Ask a mentor.

Not sure about some work? ask a mentor about what he thinks. You’ll probably get a lot more insight from him about why.

10. Review, Iterate, Repeat.

Do it once, do it twice, do it 10,000 times. Look through everything again, with a fresh mind as many times as possible. You never know what you’ll discover.

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Shivram Mahendran

A Product, Visual & Experience Designer with a background in Business & personal interest in Next Gen Technologies. I run this little agency called Latice.