Grocery Delivery App Development Cost 2023

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Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

When it comes to meeting the needs of instant users, on-demand grocery app solutions and delivery apps are blessings in disguise. Almost every industry is developing an on-demand app, and the grocery delivery app is no exception.

When it comes to this growing market, has around 22.4 million consumers and is worth $56.7 billion. The graph plainly demonstrates how popular the shopping app has been among users.

Most businesses will see this as a growing market and will look for grocery delivery app development companies to help them create grocery delivery mobile apps.

While ordering delivery through the grocery delivery mobile app is straightforward, tremendous work is expended behind the scenes to ensure the transaction runs well. From ensuring that the appropriate things are selected based on real-time availability to ensuring that payment verifies the proper accounts and that the delivery person has the correct location, everything is done to ensure that the relevant items are picked.

As a brand, you have the option of developing a variety of grocery delivery applications. The two most well-known uses are:


Aggregators are applications that provide platform users with a list of nearby food businesses. Stores like Walmart and other huge supermarket companies are common aggregators. How do applications build on this model function?

  • The platform user can then select from the list of stores displayed.
  • Users may add their shopping selections from the online menu to the app’s basket.
  • They check out the cart and pay for it.
  • Following order confirmation, the user may follow the order in real time until the products are delivered.
  • Store owners or the app’s delivery crew are entirely responsible for making deliveries.
  • The complicated workings of such applications rely on the collaboration of business owners and the grocery app development company.

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Marketplace grocery applications are comparable to aggregators in certain ways. Their primary mechanism of operation, however, differs.

This supermarket app allows neighboring businesses to advertise their wares while buyers contact them through the platform. It acts as a channel of communication between buyers and sellers.

For marketplaces, the firm must offer a way for merchants and app users to communicate with one another.

How Much Would an online grocery app development Cost?

The cost of developing an app for an online grocery app development product ranges from $45,000 to $150,000.

║ Team Type ║ Hourly Rate ║ MVP Cost ║
║ In-House ║ $80 ║ $100,000 ║
║ Local agency ║ $175 ║ $225,000 ║
║ Outsource agency ║ $40 ║ $50,000 ║
║ Freelancers ║ $20 ║ $25,500 ║

The three key criteria that influence the development budget are the kind and location of the team, as well as the sort of app itself.

How Does Team Type affect Cost?

There are various possibilities for performers from which to select the best one for online grocery store development.

Let’s have a look at the table with the specifics.

  • There is no clear answer as to which choice you should select. Everything is dependent on your objectives and the circumstances of your tasks.
  • Separately, outsourcing agencies combine the quality of local agencies with the pricing of freelancers. However, a lot is dependent on the pricing.
  • So, let’s look at how geography affects the cost of developing an on-demand grocery app solution.

What Effect Does Team Location Have on Cost?

Apps built in the United States typically cost more than those developed in India.

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As a result, those developed by Indian enterprises are far less expensive than those developed by the other two countries stated above.

║ Team Location ║ Rate per hour ║ MVP Cost ║ App Cost ║
║ India ║ $25 ║ $35,000 ║ $45,000 ║
║ USA ║ $150 ║ $150,000 ║ $200,000 ║
║ UK ║ $100 ║ $100,000 ║ $150,000 ║
║ Europe ║ $90 ║ $90,000 ║ $130,000 ║
║ Ukraine ║ $40 ║ $50, 000 ║ $80,000 ║

Let us now understand more about the application kind.

What Influences the Cost of an Application?

We’ve chosen four of the most popular apps around which you can establish your grocery app development company.

Shiv Technolabs utilized the price of Indian app developers to compute the cost of developing something similar.

║ Type ║ Examples ║ Cost of a similar app ║
║ Brand Grocery delivery app ║ Walmart Grocery ║ $45,000 ║
║ Personal Shoppers ║ Shipt, Amazon Fresh ║ $60,000 ║
║ Grocery delivery on-demand app ║ Uber Eats ║ $70,000 ║
║ Subscription base delivery app ║ Hungryroot ║ $40,000 ║

How Do You Develop a Grocery Delivery Application?

  • Developing a successful food delivery application requires both technical and marketing skills.
  • Let us describe how an existing grocery store mobile app works to help you understand how your own operate.
  • Take, for example, St. It enables consumers to shop online from their favorite local food store.
  • The software then dispatches a personal shopper to make the necessary actual purchases and deliver them the same day.
  • Shipt does not own warehouses; instead, its customers make timely purchases from just the big grocery retailers in the area.
  • Now that you understand how the app works, let’s get into the complexities of developing your grocery shop application.
  • To create your grocery store mobile app, you must consider both the business and technological aspects of online grocery store development.

Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Delivery App Developing Cost

An on-demand grocery delivery app would take between 1800 and 2500 hours to develop. This can then be multiplied by the development rate (which varies by location) to get an idea of how much it will cost to build. As a result, the cost of establishing an on-demand grocery delivery app in India is estimated to be between $18,000 and $40,000. Similarly, in Europe and the United States, it may cost between $400,000 and $200,000.

Please keep in mind that this is not the final price. Aside from the main development, various factors will have an impact on the budget.

The cost of developing an on-demand food delivery app is critical because it ultimately depends on the level of sophistication; a very advanced app with a tech stack would cost more than $50000.


If you want to streamline your business in today’s digital age, you must have your own app. Building an online grocery store development app can work wonders for the grocery industry. You should now have an idea of how much it will cost to design a grocery delivery app.

You can read the online grocery app development guide to learn more about grocery apps and how they can help your business.

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