Breadcrumbs, flow and OpenMRS

Shivang Nagaria
Jul 31, 2017 · 2 min read

Hello everyone!

This week I worked on DINT-74 in which I have worked on mockups and designs. As of now, the flow of not intuitive and kind of broken. It doesn’t actually represent the flow followed by the user.

DINT-74 points out to such broken flows. In this task I need to more the more intuitive and informative. I have worked on the mockups which are displayed below:

Landing Page (page 1)
List of All Rules (page 2)
On Running single Rule (page 3)

User will land on Page 1 where he will see the list of results generated from the data integrity rules. From there he can navigate to list of rules and can run single rules from there (page 2). Note that breadcrumbs show the flow followed by the user.

When user run a single rule he redirected to respective page (page 3). If he chooses to run all the rules he redirected to previous page (page 1).

This week I also worked on the demo of the work I’ve till now. In the following video you can introduce yourself with the Data integrity module and learn about the feature I’ve implemented:

This week I’ll work on the following issues:

  • DINT-74: Improve the workflow for running single rule. I’ll complete this as soon mentor approve the mockups.
  • DINT-82: Create and expose API of data integrity module


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