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GSoC’17@OpenMRS — Week Five

FontAwesome, Datatables and OpenMRS

Shivang Nagaria
Jul 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Hello Everyone,

This week I worked on issue DINT-76 in which I have to add capability to export a particular list.

I guess you’ve remembered previous posts in which I mentioned a list which generated by running a particular set of rule which check for data violations. In DINT-73, I worked on improving filtering of the list. In that issue, I have used filters provided by datatables library.

DINT-76 was also related issue. I need to add feature which enables users to export the filtered list in different formats which includes Excel, PDF and CSV. Due to plugins available in the datatables, I was able to implement it very quickly and it worked nicely.

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Current UI — you can see export option on top left

One more things I need to take care of is that the UI shouldn’t very cluttered due to new features available to user. For time being — I kept it like shown in the above image. Later my mentor suggested — it would be nice to add small buttons with respective icons indication excel, pdf and csv.

I looked up on the internet and landed to . It makes it very easy to add new icons — but that’s not my case. I need to find a way to integrate particular icons in the OpenMRS. I asked around and dig on community pages and found the OpenMRS is already using FontAwesome Library but it is only importing specific icons. So the whole thing boiled down to adding a bunch of new icons in the OpenMRS icon set apart from datatable thing. It the things I’m currently working on. I hope I will get it done with soon.

Thanks for reading!

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