GSoC’17@OpenMRS — Week Three

OpenMRS Patient Dashboard & Improved Filtering

Hello everyone!

Third week of Google Summer of Code was relatively easy week as compared to week-1 and week-2, I got stuck in one issue, tried to resolve it multiple time, approached mentor and other people. Ultimately my mentor shared a useful post with me which helped me to progress.

Apart from the issue, I worked on updating wiki pages and explored another OpenMRS module.

Due to DINT-77, I explored OpenMRS coreapps module which provides core functionality to the OpenMRS. My work was related to patient dashboard — I have to add improve a widget which indicate if there is any inconsistency in patient’s data. It is quite a out of league task, learned a lot about the OpenMRS architecture and flow, how different module interact, how apps gets displayed on main dashboard etc.

BTW, my PR for DINT-73 got merged in the master, it will go in the next production. My mentor reviewed it closely, gave me very useful feedback and also encouraged me to improve app according to my ideas.

DINT-73 was created to improve filtering of the result generated by the dataintegrity rules — now the users can filter the result by rule name, patient name as well as they can also do free text search. True power of filtering comes when all the filters used together — you can first filter by rule and then by patient name and you can also use free text search to narrow down the result even more.

Filters implemented in DINT-73

Next week I’ll continue working on DINT-77 along with some new tasks assigned by my mentor.