Rolling out new version of Data Integrity Module

Hello everyone!

This week I worked on DINT-80 which was relatively easy issue, I just needed to remove hardcoded strings and replace them with variable which fetches localised strings. Just after merging respective PR, my mentor released new version of Data Integrity Module . There are some major updated in Data Integrity Module — 4.4.1 which are:

  • Now users can filter the data integrity results by patient name, program name , by rule name and even by free text search.
  • Filtered/Unfiltered result can be exported to CSV, Excel and PDF for offline and other usage.
  • Some small fixes like improving styling of data quality dashboard and localising the hard-coded strings.

This week I’ll working on DINT-75 which is again a new stuff for me but I hope with the help of OpenMRS community I’ll able to complete it.

Links to all relevant pull requests:


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