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GSoC’17@OpenMRS — Week Six

Hi everyone!

This week I worked on DINT-76 which again involves work related to datatables. More specifically, I need to add capability to export the filtered list in different formats such as CSV, Excel and PDF.

I started looking for different options then my mentor pointed me to the export feature provided by button library of datatables.

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Data exported in PDF format

With the help of datatables, it was just matter of minutes to add export capability but real work involved improving the look of the export buttons. By default they look very ugly and non-intuitive.

Final look of the export buttons — attractive and intuitive.

OpenMRS doesn’t have icons for excel, csv and pdf inbuilt so I need to add them in the data integrity module. I dig little bit and asked around and came across sass and compass. Again, during GSoC I came a technology I wasn’t familiar with.

I used the for generating required icons files such as svg, ttf and woff, etc. I also took me a while to learn about sass and compass. After that I just need to tweak default config to setup it according to our need — like adding filename, title and tooltip. Today, it got merged and will go in the productions. Next I will start working on DINT-80.

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