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Shivang Nagaria
Aug 15, 2017 · 1 min read

Hello Everyone!

This week followed the work I have done last week. Last week I have designed the APIs and gathered feedback from community. I started with implementation of the REST APIs this week. Turns out OpenMRS developed a module for facilitate the development of REST APIs — it looks quite useful even I though I didn’t explore it much.

Major design issue of last week was tackle by @darius and he gave me but wonderful feedback. One of the major issue was should we host run_rules under /results or /rules . By the help of Darius, I was able to solve this issue. Finally we are hosting runrequest instead of run_rule under /rules , so this APIs call can maintain a queue or run the rule immediately and send back the response.

Even during last weeks I’m learning something new. During the discussion I came across realised that testing could be sometimes better that hot-redeployment. It would be much faster and you’ll also get accurate behaviour. All thanks to @darius again. I’m not much familiar with Test Driven Development but I will learn it and try to use it.

This week I will continue with the implementation and try to finish it as soon as possible. Apart from this I have other works like — updating wiki pages, fix some small issues etc as this is the last week of GSoC’17 ,


Shivang Nagaria

Written by

GSoC Student @OpenMRS, Crazy Developer, Budding Entrepreneur, Full Time Learner

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