Sri Vidya sadhna (meditation) is the purest, holiest and also the most powerful mediation of the universe. It is the highest form of tantra, mantra and yantra sadhna and Ma Lalita Tripursundari is its presiding deity.

So sacred and venerated is this meditation that the word ‘Sri’ is used in its name. Sri in the Hindi language denotes extreme respect and is used as an honorific prefix for esteemed people. And the meditation is referred to as a ‘vidya’ or knowledge rather than just another contemplative practice. The term vidya depicts the colossal profundity of universal wisdom inherent in it.

Vedas talk about 3 major types of meditations which are tantra, mantra and yantra.

Tantra involves the amalgamation of complex vedic rituals, especially relating to the five elements (tattva) and sacred mantras, known to bring about instant materialization of the wishes of the performer. Spiritual seekers deconstruct the word ‘tantra’ as tan (meaning the body, made of 5 elements) and tra (meaning liberation from the 5 elements or from the birth and death cycle).

Mantra sadhna involves the chanting (vocal or in the mind) of sacred hymns, verses and syllables which through their ultra-positive and divine vibrations, bring about change in the overall circumstances of the worshiper by altering the energy around him.

Yantra sadhna comprises meditation using holy instruments, amulets and totems which precipitates wholesome abundance, prosperity and good health in the life of the doer.

The supreme virtue of Sri Vidya sadhna lies in the fact that it combines the best of all the three types of meditations to form an impeccably divine process beyond human comprehension.

So, Sri Vidya in a nutshell is constituted firstly, by an activated mantra (that can be imparted only by the Guru). An activated mantra is one which is given by the Guru to his disciple alongwith his energy (the Guru should have first activated the mantra himself by resonating with its energy level through penance). The activated mantra is also characterized by the fact that when you recite it three times, it produces a tingling sensation or a unique and indescribable feeling of blessedness.

The second component of Sri Vidya is Yantra. The sacred Sri Vidya is done by the help of a 3-D Sri Yantra, also called Maha Meru which is the object of devotion for the one performing the sadhna.

The Maha Meru, to the naked eye appears as a three dimensional pyramid like structure consisting of a unique pattern of triangles and circles. In reality, it is a cosmic energy pattern, moulded in the physical form with a multi-dimensional existence. It is also called Nav chakra because of the nine levels of engraved motifs.

Just as the Shiv Linga is a physical representation of the energy and potentiality of Lord Shiva, the Meru is the Shiv Linga equivalent of Goddess Parvati.

The form and shape of the Maha Meru with its criss-crossing triangles and concentric circles is actually the energy form at the time of the origin of the universe. It is when the Shakti (Divine Mother) in Her subtle form rotated in such a pattern that the Universe was created. It is for the same reason that Ma Lalita Tripursundari is also known as Adi Shakti (earliest energy) or Bhuvaneshwari (Goddess of the 14 bhuvans (realms) in which the entire Universe is encompassed).

Legend has it that all the Gods themselves have performed this sadhna.