Interested in backing the future of writing?

Surprisingly, though writing is an integral part of our lives, the act of writing hasn’t changed much for many decades. Writers still, for the most part, open up their computers, or fire up their phones/tablets to see a piece of paper on a screen. Sure, these word processors are supplemented with near infinite ways to format and structure them, but they do very little to help the writer finish or improve their writing — and to do it all with speed. With the increasing amount of content out there and people’s desire to consume the latest and greatest, these attributes are more necessary than ever.

Despite a popular myth that writing is dying, it’s perhaps never been more important.

TheRightMargin: smart, goal-driven writing

Having started TheRightMargin, I’m sometimes asked what we mean when we say goal-driven writing. In essence, our approach is designed to break up a project you want to start and finish (say, a blog post, a letter to the editor, short story, or novel), into the smallest possible steps to achieve it. It’s been proven that people who write down their goals are more than 50 percent likely to achieve them then those who do not. Our platform is designed to help you plan and write simultaneously, using your own roadmap to move through your writing project faster and more efficiently. Writing is trade craft. It can be learned, sure, but there is nothing that compares to simply doing the work, over and over again, to hone your skill.

So it stands to reason that planned writing, done repeatedly, leads to more, and better, writing.

Each day, my team and I work on building the future of writing. And yet, changing the way we will write for the better is a bold task. And while we’ve been busy for the last six months talking to users, crunching the numbers, and experimenting with solutions, we have a ways to go. And that’s where we need your help. Today, we’re asking you to join us in building the future of writing.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the express objective of funding our efforts to scale beyond what we’ve been doing and make some major leaps with our application. We want to create a mobile experience, support deeper research and development into Artificial Intelligence, and expand our reach to help different types of writers. Our goal is to change the way the world writes for the better.

So, what are we planning to do, specifically, with the support we receive?

Glad you asked.

Go Mobile

We’ll build a first-class mobile app for writing, capturing ideas, and staying creative on the go. We’ve collected steady traffic, usability testers, and feature requests — now, we want to implement what we’ve learned — at speed.

Pilot with an Academic Institution

We’ve learned that our tool has the potential to be a huge benefit to students learning writing or learning new avenues and forms for their writing. So we’d like to pilot programs with academic writers in five courses. We’ve started researching how TheRightMargin can help students, teachers, parents instill writing skills in future minds — now we want to test and refine that approach.

Are you an academic influencer at your organization? Contact us at

Writing Experts

We plan to partner with a number of writing experts such as established authors, writing coaches, and writers-in-residence to apply their successful content and insights into professionally-vetted plans for our users.

Productive Insights

We want to make our users objectively more productive with insights on when their most productive writing times are, how long various items take to complete, which items grow stale and need attention, and how to successfully use TheRightMargin.

Artificial Intelligence

This is by no means a straightforward goal. But for writing, the potential is exciting. In some simple ways, TheRightMargin is already artificially intelligent because of smart keyword recognition that happens in the back end when serving up ‘smart tips’ for tasks or when it calculates the math in helping you break down your goals for project setup.

However, we’d like to make this much more robust. A level up would be to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to feed TheRightMargin with more data on writer goals, pain points, tips and guidance so that the tailored guidance on the app is even better and helpful.

So imagine indicating to TheRightMargin your goals, your challenges and the specifics about a particular project and it serving up to you the best ways to get unblocked, to get the notes/research/information you need to write, to plan and to achieve your writing goals.

Another level up would be to move writing off a web application completely. We want to move writing into the future and it’s possible that someone a few years from now would be working with VR/AR tech instead of laptops and phones. In summary, we want TheRightMargin to take all the wondrous benefits that cutting edge AI/VR/AR technology can offer us to improve how we write on a daily basis.

Help us bring the future of writing to life

Imagination, research, and persistence are key to achieving this vision. We have that in ample supply with our dedicated group of writers working here to build TheRightMargin.

Now, though, we’d like to ask for an additional ingredient that can really propel us to reaching this future. We need your support. We hope you’ll join us in this adventure by contributing directly to our efforts, giving us feedback on the product, or sharing the campaign and tool with your network. It’s incredible what a motivated group of people can do when they join together to advance a vision. We’d be honored to count you among that group.

Bonus! Short video of me talking about the power of words: