You gave me light,
You gave me soul,
You gave me heart,
You brought me into this world.

I am but a part of you;
A shadow that belongs to you.
You filled me up with love and joy.
The Pure. The Eternal. The Boundless.

Your eyes gleam with happiness,
As you see my world light up.
Your heart’s full of pride,
When you see me fly.

You are the meaning to my life,
The beauty to my eyes,
The innocence to my child,
The existence to my being.

Affinity is all that you know,
Expectations, does that even exist?
You care not of my crudity,
I am nothing but mere perfection to you.

Times and tide change;
You remain uninterrupted.
You think not of yourself.
Your heart beats not for thee, but me.

Your words echo on a lonely night,
“Oh sweet child, find me nowhere but within you.”
Words fail me, actions defy me;
To find something as complete as you.

You are a walking miracle,
A guiding angel, a good luck charm,
An existence beyond perfection,
The beauty I call LIFE…

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