We are excited to announce our partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized gaming startup to give crypto cards exclusively to YGG Founder’s Coin owners. We have airdropped 300 Founder’s Card NFTs on polygon chain to these YGG Founder’s Coin owners. These NFTs can be redeemed against a special YGG Founder’s Card.

These crypto cards are secured credit cards that allow users to cash-out their crypto on their everyday spends and subscribe to services like Netflix, Spotify, etc. To redeem the Founder’s Card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to https://ygg.b21.io/

Step 2: Click on “Connect” to connect your…

B21 partnered with NFTrade to offer NFT vouchers and exclusive Metal cards, read the complete story here.

We would like to inform our community that the B21 X NFTrade campaign has now ended and the people who bought the B21 NFT vouchers can claim their vouchers for a FREE B21 International Card a 500 B21 token bonus.

Follow these steps to redeem your card using B21 NFT voucher:

Step 1: Join the B21 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mr8UxhQ79G
Step 2: Go to the “B21 verify” channel

CRYPTO OUT, one of the most demanded features by our users — is now LIVE on the B21 app. This new feature will allow B21 users to withdraw their cryptos to other Crypto Wallets/Exchanges.

We are constantly innovating to add new features to B21. With the Crypto withdrawal feature, the B21 app will now act as a crypto on-ramp where users can purchase crypto on the app using credit/debit cards, bank transfers and local payment methods.

B21’s complete ecosystem offering of “Invest, Earn and Spend in cryptos” has been gaining traction globally. To boost our ecosystem, we aim to partner…

The B-21 Raider is a heavy bomber designed to perform long-range conventional and nuclear missions. It is one of the most secret projects on Earth. (what is B-21)

B-21 and B21.io share more than a name. Just like B-21 raider will offer defence supremacy to the USA, B21.io with its Invest, Earn and Spend features will offer crypto supremacy to its users.

We are giving $500 to the best memes about B-21 and B21.io. So put on your creative hat and send us your best Memes on Twitter.

Campaign Period :-

July 13th 5 PM UTC — July 18th 5 PM UTC

Reward Structure :-


The B21 community is growing rapidly — with a growing user base, product improvements and new partnerships! We have now also entered the NFT ecosystem with an exclusive partnership with NFTrade.

With this partnership, we also bring B21 Metal cards — currently exclusive only to the NFTrade community

Introducing the B21 Metal card

NFTs have taken the art world by storm! And it is no exaggeration to say that NFTs have shot to mainstream prominence in the last few months. To extend our cards to crypto enthusiasts and to help them spend their crypto with ease, we will launch exclusive NFT vouchers on NFTrade marketplace, granting users a free B21 International card and a 500 B21 token bonus.

With this partnership, we…

Celsius & B21 are team ‘💎👐’ and we conducted a #HODLandEarn meme Contest that lasted for four days from 26th May’21 to 29th May’21. We received an overwhelming response from the community with over 300+ entries making the decision-making process very difficult.

Reward Structure :-

The total reward pool is $1000 USDT and will be distributed among the top 10 MEME creators ($100 each)

Winners were decided based on the engagement and the “LOL” factor.

Disclaimer :- These memes are submitted by the community and in no way is financial advice by either B21 or Celsius teams.

Results :-

Here are the TOP 10 MEMEs…

Celsius & B21 are team ‘💎👐’ and B21 is giving $1000 in USDT to the best memes we see about 💎👐

Participants can create memes on the following topics :-

  • 💎👐
  • HODLing > Trading
  • Staking
  • Earn via Staking
  • Passive Income
  • Brownie Points for mentioning Celsius & B21 & in your memes 😁

Campaign Period :-

26 May 1 PM UTC — 29 May 1 PM UTC

Reward Structure :-

The total reward pool is $1000 USDT and will be distributed among the top 10 MEME creators ($100 each)

Guidebook for participants/how to participate :-

Here are the steps creators will need to follow to get a chance to win a reward:




まず、過去3カ月で3万人のユーザーが増え、オンラインコミュニティはコラボレーションサポートの活発なフォーラムに成長しました。また、ウェビナーやAMAの開催、YouTubeチャンネルで「Desi Crypto Show」を開始しました。

最後に、クリプトアセット投資会社として有名なマグナス·キャピタル·デジタル·アセット·ファンド(Magnus Capital Digital Assets Fund)が、戦略的アドバイザー兼投資家としてB21に加わりました。私たちのネットワークは拡大していると共にB21のプラットフォームを次のレベルへと成長させていくことができるでしょう。



Here’s the recap of the Live AMA with the Facemelters on March 24th, 2021. The session was hosted by Facemelters, with Nitin Agarwal, Founder & Director of B21 Invest as the Guest.

Introduction :

Facemelters: I want to give a big welcome to Nitin who is joining us today for this *Ask Me Anything* event.

Welcome to House of the Facemelters

Nitin: Thanks for having me 🙏

Facemelter: To begin with it would be great if you could give us a few details of your own history and your role in the B21 team?

Nitin: Sure!!! Let's start with me. I have been in fintech/payments for the last 15 years and in crypto since 2014. In 2014 we invented the crypto-linked debit cards also known as bitcoin debit cards. We always wanted to bring…

Exciting new things are happening at B21!

To our B21 family and all the crypto community, we are very excited to share some major news on what is happening at B21.

As the world’s richest are tweeting about crypto, the whole community is coming together as one. It will not be an exaggeration to say that everyone in the world is now talking about crypto. We at B21 support this movement of crypto adoption completely and even go one step further to unite all the blockchains and offer a platform where anyone can Invest, Earn and Spend their cryptocurrency!! …

Shivank Mishra

Marketing Manager | B21 Invest

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