B2utyful My Girl!

I am a fan of Korean Pop boy groups, because of their physical looks (well that’s the first right? Being attracted physically), then as I watched videos of them (documentaries, reality shows, live performances in Korean music shows, etc.) I became more attracted to them as I see of how they behave when off stage through watching reality shows. But I have two boy groups to whom I got, literally addicted to (lol). One of them is BEAST/B2ST. It all started when my friend let me watch their videos (live performances). I fell instantly in love with one of the member, whom I later on knew of his name, Son Dongwoon. He is the maknae (youngest) in the group. I started to watch their videos in youtube. From the video, which is a documentary that shows how they started as a group to their live performances and guestings in some shows in Korea.

I started activating my twitter again and followed their accounts. Almost everyday I check my twitter for their latest activities and tweets. I saved a lot of their pictures, specially Dongwoon’s pictures. ❤❤ It was, really, my dream to watch them live. And this year, I will finally see them! After 2years of fangirling over them just by watching videos, saving pictures and retweeting their tweets, FINALLY.. they will be here in the Philippines. On March 19!! ❤❤❤

I was shocked when I heard about them coming. I really can’t believe it at first. It took me days before I absorbed the news, because few days before the news of them coming in Manila is announced, we (our fanclub BEASTPH) had an activity on twitter, to trend #wewantBEASTinManila. I kept on trending until the battery on my phone got emptied. :))

It was 5am in the morning, I had an interview that day and after I prepared my things, I checked my phone (as always). I opened my FB messenger to checked on my unread messages. One of them came from my friend whom I met in the same fanclub, she was like, “Unnie TT-TT” and I was like, “Wae??? Anyare??” (Why?? What happened?) then she send me a pic.

I almost went hysterical that time (but I remained calm) and my eyes are in tears. We can’t even contain our feelings about it. It was like, “OMG!! They are coming for REAL!!!”. I really thought that seeing them live would be just a dream for me, since one or two of their members needs to be enlisted already in the military. I was really happy that day! I was inspired and smile is printed on my face the whole day as I listen to their songs.

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