How I plan to become a better learner

When learning new things or working on an assignment or project I feel extremely stressed. I know that I will get the work done but still I panic a lot. I find it difficult to enjoy other things until I get my work done.

I took the course “Learning How to Learn” by Dr. Barbara Oakley and I found it very useful. The most important takeaways for me will be:

  1. The Pomodoro technique: I know about this trick already and it is very useful. Relaxing for some minutes in between studying actually helps the brain retain more information and process the new information better. So this technique can help me to be more productive.

2. To avoid Bad Worry and adopt Good Worry: Because Bad worry just wastes your energy and does not take you anywhere. While good worry can help you achieve your full potential.

3. The concept of Diffused learning: This can help me look at things broadly and form new ideas. Although it is difficult to get used to it. But I guess practice is the key here.

These Ideas will help me to cope with stress in the future. And I hope these will help me get my work done earlier and improve the work quality.