The Most Important Lesson

It is hard to think of a single thing. But what I think was the most important lesson I learned in these 3 months is:

“Accepting yourself as you are, accepting your failures and moving on, Knowing that you are good enough and you can make great things happen if you Believe in yourself”

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone fails. But it doesn't mean that you are never gonna succeed. It only means that you have to try it another way.

When you've had a setback it’s very easy to start thinking that you will always keep failing in this area of your life. It’s easy to start thinking that YOU are a failure. remind yourself that:

Just because you failed today or yesterday doesn't mean that you’ll fail the next time. The truth is that this won’t last for the rest of your life if you keep moving forward, if you take action and you keep learning and it doesn't label you as some kind of failure .

Seeing what’s negative as a temporary thing instead of something permanent is an essential key to an optimistic attitude. And if you fail again then maybe it’s not the thing for you. Accept that and don’t be harsh on yourself.

So instead of this be constructive and learn from this situation. The important thing is to start thinking about the situation from this perspective and to be constructive about things instead of getting stuck in denial or negativity. Move forward again, and Improve your self-esteem. Be free, Feel happy and energetic. Try new things because that is what is going to help you grow. Just go out and be a better version of you. Because when you do this…

In addition to this Golden lesson, I also learned that anyone can be family. Amal has given me such great friends and memories that will remain fresh in my mind forever. Amal has given me The AMAL Family.