A possible source for chess

I once heard that the game of chess was invented by King Solomon. Does it say that somewhere?


There is a legend that King Solomon came up with the game of chess to keep the minds of his military commanders sharp. And nobody could beat him at his own game.

He often played against Benayahu, his chief of staff. And the king always won. Always, that is, except once.

Benayahu was once playing against the king, and things looked like he was about to be checkmated. Frustrated at always losing, Benayahu took advantage when…

Copycat isn’t a Child’s Game

Has the EU Directive embraced Digital Expression?

Technology, and specifically the internet, has infiltrated all aspects of our lives. What took sometimes several days or months to understand has been compressed into minutes. Copyright legislation has been around for hundreds of years with the initial idea for the encouragement of learning and for humans to express themselves through their works so that society could learn, subsequently the works would be protected by the law. Today, copyright has transformed itself from having complete control of your work to sharing it through a creative common platform or…

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Startup nation

Anyone who spends time in Israel and specifically Tel Aviv will tell you about the entrepreneurial energy that surrounds the borders of the city. To get a glimpse of what I am talking about I suggest reading a book called "The Start-up Nation". I have spent the last 3 months fully invested into the idea of what makes Israel the startup nation. Most will tell you that it has to do with the rudeness, bluntness or straight-forward behavior of the Israeli society. The notion that we should want and need to challenge all existing ideas and push forward…

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Ernest Hemingway, “ The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”

Online security, identity theft, cyber attacks were once not so common words to use in daily vocabulary. Today is a different scene. Billions of dollars are being used to protect data. For centuries we have had pirates sailing the seas looking to rob other ships. Today, we have hackers that are sailing the waves of the internet looking for easy penetration into the ecosystems of corporations and small business. Society is heading into a sphere where trust cannot be earned anymore. It…

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I wonder if this baby knew that it was tied up to chains of gold? This picture was taken about 25 yrs ago in Israel. I met this baby 25yrs later. He is not rich. He is actually a starving artist on the streets of tel aviv. I asked him if he made money on this picture and the answer is a big fat no. His parents signed a waiver to all rights for a lump sum payment of 200 shekels. This picture hangs in a bank in Israel.

When asked what prompted him to be an artist it was…

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I am in the south of Israel and all I hear is sirens and children crying. The rocket launching from Gaza into Israel has started and Israel was forced to retaliate. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE GETTING HURT AND SO MANY HOMES ARE BRING DESTROYED. Why is this happening is the question that I am asked often. I have recently started taking public transportation in Israel. I love taking the trains and buses in Israel for several reasons. The first is that I love being around Israelis. Despite all the pushing and shoving that happens in all areas of life here…

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