Dennis, do you still want that ‘127 Hours’ review?

Hey Dennis,

Super sorry for the delay! I completely spaced. I know we set a deadline for Tuesday the 24th of March (2010) and I totally missed it. That’s on me. Either way, it’s finished, so let me know what you’re thinking. This is Alex Gordon.

I think the review turned out great. Well worth the wait! I wrote about how Danny Boyle is kind of a hyperactive director, but for most of this movie his protagonist is stuck in one location (a canyon, long story), so that makes for a neat dynamic. You’re gonna love it.

The review is attached in this email, so let me know when it’s posted and I’ll send you an updated bio with my new twitter handle (it’s @alexplosion44). Can’t wait for you to finally read it! I call him “James Blank-O.” Haha.

Have you seen the movie yet? It’s worth checking out, plot notwithstanding (nobody would chop their arm off like that), but it’s a good story and the canyon is fabulous. I gave it 7 out of 10 Golden Pancakes.

While I have you, I noticed my review of ‘The Fighter’ (2010) is not on the site anymore. It‘s some of my best work (“Christian Pale” etc). Have you seen that one? It’s really something. The boxing was super lifelike and I loved the set design, but why did they all talk like that? All the characters have that crazy accent and they never explain why. I couldn’t understand a word. Certified: LIMP BACON. Are we still doing that?

How have you been, Dennis? I remember you telling me your wife was pregnant back in our last email during 2010. How’d that go? Is the baby a film buff, too? Haha. But seriously, I feel terrible that it’s taken me so many weeks to get back to you.

Truth is I had this awful dream last week where I was the James Franco character and I was stuck under a boulder, like in the film. I was about to start sawing my arm off or whatever, then all of a sudden I woke up and it hit me: “I never sent Dennis Klimpt that ‘127 Hours’ review!” You should have seen my face.

Anyway, hope everything’s good with you. I’m doing great. Been very busy, writing a lot, catching up on old emails, and I got a pet gerbil (though he has since died). I’ve also been doing a little moonlighting (don’t be mad!) while I’m still on my “trial period” with you.

By the way, did you ever end up publishing my ‘True Grit’ review? I didn’t see it on the site, but I definitely remember sending it to you in February, of 2010. Remember the part where Jeff Bridges shoots the horse at the end? So sad. I wasn’t super into the fact that she named the horse “Blackie” though. Not cool!

But the non-horse stuff was great. Brolin really nailed that mongoloid gag and the canyon was fabulous. Certified CRISPY BACON.

Lastly, I hate to bring it up, but now that I’ve completed my part of the deal, there is the matter of my fee. With ‘127 Hours’ done, and ‘The Fighter’ and ‘True Grit’ already in the bag, that makes three completed reviews like we agreed, one cent per word. At 500 words apiece, that’s 1500 words, 1500 cents, fifteen bucks (2010), which today, I think is like $26.

Considering that it’s past deadline (that’s on me), why don’t we call it an even $21. Cool? My Paypal name is alexplosion44.

Shoot it over whenever you get a chance (hopefully not five years from now!). Haha. Actually I do really need it.

Thanks Dennis! I’d love to contribute more to Film Diner in the future. I just saw ‘The Social Network’ and I think that’d be a good one for my next article. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious, you’re gonna love it.

Talk soon,

Alex Gordon