On Being Evil
Michelle Hozey

I can totally identify with your feelings. Many RPG video games (and of course, table-tops) allow for us taking different routes of morality (Fallout series is a great example, where you can go on the extremities). What makes me curious the most is not what it tells us about us — that cannot even have fun on “fantasized” evil deeds — but what does it tell of the “others”, that are, at least apparently, are decent people in day-to-day life, yet they not only able to play the evil guy but actually having fun doing it. 
Just to make clear it’s different playing in some cartoonish game like ancient “Mean Street” throwing old women around (yet today, I might even feel bad about that) than torturing someone, or extorting decent people for protection money (the reason I left GTA so early and couldn’t play this game)

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