The Industry

My hands were bright orange from the 20 lbs of carrots I’d been peeling for the stir fry. There was a stinging sensation under my fingernails from the endless garlic I had just peeled for the sweet chili sauce, the garlic oil, and the szechuan sauce. My back was killing from standing for what felt like 10 years and I still felt like a million dollars.

Let me tell you what I like about cooking. It’s raw, it’s real, and there are endless options. The endless combinations of proteins, vegetables, spices, cooking methods, and especially plating! It’s endless! And it tastes so good! And the colors! Above all else I love serving people and making them smile, bringing people together, I just love when people are happy. It’s really that simple!

I want to take a moment and appreciate all of the great feedback I’ve been getting from my first post. All of my family and friends. You are all so supportive and I love and cherish you all!

Anyways, cooking, I wish I could, but I can’t. The industry is the worst, anyone will tell you that the food business is super volatile and I can attest to the horrible hours and abysmal quality of life. You can not be a chef and have the family life that I want, you just can’t. There are 3 basic options in the food industry. 1) Working in or owning a restaurant. 2) Working in a hotel and finally 3) Working in or owning a catering business. The first two have ridiculous hours and bad pay and number 3 just has bad hours, but not just regular bad hours. Caterers can have one week with no work and the next with no sleep. When the world is on vacation all three of these jobs are working even harder. It is simply not a good career choice for someone like me who needs structure and wants to have a family life!

I still love cooking and wouldn’t mind doing small jobs here and there. There is no more to be said.

Some of you may know that 2 years or so ago I started working in the digital marketing industry. Let me tell you how this happened. Fast. I found that in this industry I could help people while using my creativity and that I am pretty good at it. That is all. (Love that humblitity.) So, I listened to hours of podcasts and read a lot blogs and then I asked 2 different companies if I could intern for free. One was a profit positive startup called CauseMatch and the other was a digital marketing firm called SunHouse Marketing. (Yes, they both have a capital letter in the middle of their name!) Well, I accepted! This turned out to be a positive experience and they both offered me a paid position after the 2 month internship was up. Guess what? I accepted again! After a little while I realized that I couldn’t juggle both and went on to working at SunHouse for a few months.

What am I getting to? I don’t know. I lost my train of thought, but I’m just going to keep writing. I guess I was just giving you all some background info. Let us get back to our discussion from last post.

Let’s discuss decision number 2, this is a big one. What is the exact job title I want to have? This is really the entire decision, once I know the answer to this the other 2 should be easy. (Thinking about it now this should definitely have been number 1.)

It really boils down to 3 options. All of them involve helping people and they are all technically in the same industry. There are other similar job titles that I would consider, but let’s discuss these because I don’t have time.

Digital marketing basically consists of content creation, web design, seo, ppc, and tons of research. You are an advertiser. A marketing consultant isn’t going to do any of that, but they’ll create a marketing strategy. They will also direct you where and how you should be advertising. A brand consultant is going to create your companies personality, who you are, and what your about. (Based on the people you want to attract.) In truth, all of them overlap in many areas and some digital marketers are going to help with brand and strategy, but they are not at all the same.

I’m currently leaning towards the last option, becoming a Brand/Design Consultant. I think I’ve narrowed down what it is that I like most about marketing and I believe it’s creating personalities. I have so much enjoyment from companies that are well branded it makes me want to buy their product even if I don’t need it. I also believe that as the market becomes increasingly competitive there will be a greater need to hire someone who can give you an edge in marketing.

Anywho, the other two aren’t bad options and it’s possible that in order to become a brand consultant you may need to be a digital marketer first. You can also be the brand expert on a marketing consulting team. They are all very similar.

The Big Reveal

I think that I have made my decision. It’s not final, but it feels right and my father says to go with my gut. I want to be a brand consultant.(I think!) Not such a big reveal I know, but big is a matter of opinion. The only question left is how the heck do I go about doing this? (And the first question, but let’s put that aside for now.)

This time around the writing was harder, I had so much in my head and no clear plan as to how I would put it on paper. This made me feel mortal and gross. I don’t even feel like I wrote half the content that I intended to. It’s a big jumble in my mortal brain and I think this post is already too long. Maybe I should make a movie about this, or a TV series. Either way, I need to go now, please let me know your thoughts about everything! Seriously!

Happy New Years!


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