Blockchain Commercialization: Interesting But Not Useful and What to Do About It

While some are lamenting about the crypto bear market and counting their decrementing gains, some of us are quietly working to make blockchain useful and relevant to enterprises [0].

In the last 6 months or so I’ve been involved in many presentations to enterprises, selling them on the idea of possibly doing a proof-of-concept with the blockchain companies I am working with and advising. I’ve learned several things that I’d like to share — lessons learned that I think give a good sense of where the state of blockchain really is and possibly what can be done to accelerate adoption [1] [2].

This article is structured in the following way:

  1. Brief Background on who I am
  2. Interesting but not useful
  3. The Question behind the Question
  4. The Blockchain Commercialization Framework
  5. A Case Study: Barrier to Participation
  6. Conclusion

Read there rest of the article here…

Hardest worker in the room and a constant work in progress. Blockchain. University of Chicago, BYU.

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