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We are excited to announce our partnership with Reef Finance, a liquidity aggregator focused on cross-chain accessibility, built on the Polkadot Network.

Reef Finance was purpose-built with cross-chain architecture in mind, with the goal to make decentralized finance more accessible to non-crypto natives across multiple chains. In this partnership, Harmony and Reef are aligned to the same vision of DeFi for everybody, regardless of which chain you or your assets are in or your familiarity with DeFi — Reef and Harmony will be there to help you exercise sovereignty over your own financial assets.

The partnership will enable Reef users…

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Harmony is excited to be sponsoring the Hack the System Hackathon by Encode.

For those that don’t know, Hack the System is a 10-week blockchain hackathon run by Encode Club, aimed at university students and hackers. There are over 75 Universities that are part of the Encode Club — including some of the most prestigious universities in Europe such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, and many others.

We’re very excited to be part of this hackathon.

The purpose of Encode is to educate, support and catalyze the emergence of new talent into the blockchain space. Encode work across…

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We’re pleased to announce a partnership with API3. The goals of this partnership are to natively integrate API3’s decentralized API’s, or dAPI’s, as well as Airnode enabled APIs. These will provide Harmony and projects built on top of Harmony with highly reliable, transparent, and decentralized data.

Harmony is committed to supporting developers with all the services and features they need so they can focus on user experience and customer acquisition. Integrating with API3 and the unique data feeds they provide is aligned with that commitment.

API3 shares Harmony’s vision for web 3.0 and is excited about bringing API3 to Harmony’s…

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Harmony started the year with a bang. We published our 2020 ecosystem growth and wrote out our roadmap and strategy for 2021.

Here’s what happened in January:

  • 🚀 Ecosystem Product Launches
  • 🤝 Partnerships
  • 📺 In the Media
  • 👁️ Looking Ahead

Ecosystem Product Launches

With our partner Animoca, we launched the official Beast Quest NFT chest sale with over 1660 collectibles sold in the campaign. This marks our first branded collectibles sale on Harmony that also allowed users who bought collectibles to earn additional staking rewards on the Animoca validator, combining a NFT and DeFi experience.

Our Hack the Horizon hackathon has also now…

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Meter and Harmony will work together to deploy meta-stable coin MTR to the Harmony protocol.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Meter to launch their fully-decentralized, meta-stable coin, MTR, on Harmony.

Meter is DeFi infrastructure with a built-in meta-stable currency, MTR. MTR will be transferable on the Harmony Mainnet and used as one of many stablecoins.

How is MTR Unique?

MTR is not pegged to any fiat currency and no collateral is needed to create MTR. Meter uses a combination of proof-of-work to create MTR and proof-of-stake for consensus. The value of MTR is supported by pegging to the cost of 10kWh in the global electricity market, which is quite stable…

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Bounties, Speakers, and FOOD

We will be #buidling at ETHDenver and ColoradoJam this year and we are super excited about it. Unlike the other years where the hackathon was in real life, this year it’s virtual, but the ETHDenver team is trying something new, so it’ll feel like you’re there in real life.

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Users can now purchase flights, hotels, car rentals, and unique experiences by paying with ONE Token on, the world’s leading crypto-friendly travel booking platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Harmony to integrate the ONE token as a form of payment on the travel platform. will accept the ONE token, among other cryptocurrencies and fiat denominations, for bookings at over 2,200,000 hotels, 600+ airlines, and 400,000 activities in over 230 countries.

The partnership adds further utility to the ONE token, enabling ONE token holders to take advantage of’s offerings, including unique travel experiences, savings up to 40%, and competitive rewards.

Commenting on the partnership, Juan Otero, CEO of, said:As we continue in…

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The Hack the Horizon Hackathon was a big success. Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the submissions and the innovation to which developers approached their projects. Thank you all for participating.

In all, here is the breakdown of the winners:

  • First Place: Four Awards
  • Second Place: Seven Awards
  • Third Place: Five Awards

We want to thank all of the participants, judges, and our prize partners. Thank you from all of us.

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UTU and Harmony will collaborate to deploy UTU’s trust infrastructure on the Harmony protocol.

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with UTU Protocol to launch their trust infrastructure on Harmony.

We have been laser-focused on growing our cross-chain DeFi ecosystem, and the UTU trust infrastructure fits perfectly.

Where Does UTU Fit?

UTU’s trust and credit scoring oracles can be integrated into DeFi lending apps built on Harmony. Their AI-based oracles use on- and off-chain data to build more comprehensive and fair credit scores. This will allow DeFi platforms to more accurately determine users’ creditworthiness, which will facilitate more undercollateralized lending.

Additionally, decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace apps built on Harmony can incorporate the UTU Trust…

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Partnership is based on shared commitment to educating the next generation of blockchain builders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts

Harmony is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). This partnership is built on the shared commitment to educate the next generation of blockchain builders, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Harmony recognizes that innovation is starting at a younger and younger age and blockchain enthusiasm across campuses is at an all-time high, so we saw this as an opportunity to add value to an ever-growing young group of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs.

What is BEN?

The BEN organization is the largest network of students, professors, and alumni throughout the world all committed to blockchain education. …

Peter Abilla

Hardest worker in the room and a constant work in progress. Blockchain. University of Chicago, BYU.

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