Unfreeze the Frozen Menu bars

Designs for mobile devices have changed greatly over the past few years. At first I though frozen headers and floating action buttons where a great idea for the mobile web experience. But after browsing many mobile websites, the space restriction that a frozen header brings along with it kept on bothering me more and more. Another thing I found, many news website starting using the bottom part of the screen to show a banner, and I started to ignore anything that was floating on the bottom of a screen, also known in the industry as ‘Banner Blindness’.

Even as my mobile screens keep on growing in size the frozen header bars still did not sit well with me. I would rather scroll back up to the top of a website than have a frozen header in my face the whole time. The ease to have an accessible menu or share bar on top of the content I’m viewing started to become an annoyance rather than a help.

The visitor of your website is there for your content, and will share it if he find your content valuable, no need to flash all these social icons over the content the user is trying to absorb.

I have seen some website use a frozen header only on some of their pages rather than all pages, this might be a solution. but I would still suggest to go without a frozen bar.

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