I find myself objecting to a lot of your remarks, primarily because for all intents and purposes…
Thomas Smith

Thomas, I’m sorry to hear about your wife.

I would disagree that the character I paint in the article describes you perfectly, because — reading your response — I do not feel that you read just for the sake of showing off, you having taught English for 31 years and probably having read over a thousand books (which is an incredible number, I must say)

Moreover, I have no truck with the the act of hoarding books itself. I’m guilty of the same, it runs in my family. However, I would imagine Seneca disapproving of hoarding books which we do not intend to read, just for the sake of show — and, once again, reading your response, I do not believe you do that.

Hope that clarifies things, and thank you so much for sharing your story. I believe you are the sort of person who gives out excellent book recommendations, given that list which started all the way back in ‘68. Would love you to send some my way if you’re feeling generous! :)

I wish you well.