The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

This seems, like most of your work, to be a piece written by a white middle-class liberal and aimed at other white middle-class liberals. You do not state your intended audience or where you situate yourself relative to your intended audience, but, having grown up in that particular culture, which feels so well-meaning and unique while acting so predictably and harmfully, I recognize its cadences. They grate.

Each individual is different. We are all vast. On the whole, though, middle-class white liberals like us, particularly those who conform — in appearance, behavior, cultural norms, and abilities — to the standards of the dominant culture, are likely to make out pretty well. We usually do.

Your call for moderation to “the Left” as a whole is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This should not come as a surprise to you.

Please rethink this entire piece.

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