I Developed TUI tool for Docker.

Hello Everyone.
Are you using Docker?

If you using Docker, please read to the end.
I’ll introduce TUI tool for Docker to you.



What’s TUI tool for Docker?


It’s named docui.
If you use this tool makes the operation will easier.
This works on Mac and Linux.

What is the Concept of docui?

  • Be able to intuitively operate Docker.
  • Even beginners can easily use.
  • No need to memorize commands and options.

What docui can do now is below

  • image
    pull, search, remove, save, import, load, inspect, filtering.
  • container
    create, remove, start, stop, export, commit, rename, exec(attach), inspect, filtering.
  • volume
    create, remove, prune, inspect, filtering the volume.
  • network
    remove, inspect, filtering the network.

My favorite features

Why I developed docui.

The biggest reason was the desire to learn Go.
I think that the best way to learn Go is to develop something.
At that time, I was interested in Docker, so I decided to develop something related to it.
However, there were a lot of problems…

What was the problems?

  • I did not know much about Docker…
    I only knew how to pull image, create container and mount volume.
  • I did not know how to make cui tools…
    docui uses gocui, but it was hard to understand how to use it.
  • Docker api, what is that?
    I did not know what api parameter is required for which operation.
  • It was difficult to keep motivation…
    Because I was alone.

Everything was hard.

How did I solved the problems?

Future plans

  • I’ll add some features.
    ex. image history, create network, etc…
  • Improvement search and filter UI


  • If you have any requests or improvements,
    please give me issue or pull request at any time.
  • Let’s develop a docui together if you are interested.

Thank you!!