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An important principle of success in all walks of life and in all occupations is a willingness to “ Go The Extra Mile “; which means the rendering of more and better service than that for which one is paid, and giving it in a positive mental attitude. Search wherever you will for a single sound argument against this principle and you will not find it, nor will you find a single instance of enduring success, which was not attained in part by its application.

For me it was the right time to go for an Extra mile. After getting a huge knowledge about writing Super Resume,Cover Letters, Thank you Email and body postures i recognized that i’m prepared for a proper job interview.

The very first thing i had to go for was looking for a company of my field where i could utilize my previous skills and gain more learning through daily work experiences.i started looking for companies and after a good research i decided to apply for Software house.It was my fortunate that while looking for companies i saw a job vacancy at ARFA KAREEM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PARK .

Arfa kareem Technology park Lahore

ARFA KAREEM TECHNOLOGY PARK is the largest Software house all over the Pakistan located in the heart of Lahore.

It was really important for me to gain this opportunity so i tried my best in putting my whole effort.I updated my Resume+cover letter and sent it to the recruiter and it was really amazing to see a reply back from recruiter.

Reply from Recruiter

After 2 days i received a phone call from HR manager from specific company and we decided a time for one-one interview.This was not y first experience of going for an interview but still i was highly excited and confused as i practiced all principals of AMAL.

Finally wait was over and Interview day was on head.I woke up early prepared my self and went for an interview half an hour early.when i went there i faced a lot of difficulty.The guards at entrance were not allowing me to enter in the premises of building without permissions.I made a phone call the Hr manager and asked them to get me a gate pass.15 minutes were consumed over there but finally i was inside the building.I practiced all teachings of Amal during interview.It was quite longest interview ever.It continues for about an hour and ends up at positive response but still job was not assured.

Thank You !

The email attached above was the last nail grinned towards success.I wrote a Thank You Email at the same day of interview and i was shocked to dee that it really worked.

As a result of all these efforts I am hired as an internee at ARFA KAREEM TECHNOLOGY PARK and my dream has turned into the reality.

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