Coolest Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber security is one of the coolest domains within IT. Different positions require different skills, and many of these skills are currently in short supply. Below is a list of 20 coolest jobs in cyber security.

  1. Threat Hunter

Threat Hunters are one of the most valuable jobs to the IT industry, with skills shown to improve the speed of threat detection and response more than two-fold, in comparison to teams without this dedicated resource.

2. Penetration Tester

Penetration testing is the active circumvention of security features in networks, systems, and applications. This is where the penetration tester emulates threats by attempting to access alternative functionality. A penetration tester will also assess data or functionality in a manner not anticipated by the group designing that system.

3. Forensic Computer Analyst

Analyst findings might be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, to resolve a business or legal dispute, to uncover specific targets or to detect suspicious activity.

4. Incident Responder

An Incident Responder, sometimes also referred to as an Intrusion Analyst or CSIRT Engineer, is basically a cyber first-responder. You role will involve providing a rapid initial response to any IT Security threats, incidents or cyber attacks on your organization. This is especially interesting because the digital forensics market is set to hit $4.8 billion revenues in 2020.

5. Security Architect

Design, build and supervise the implementation of network and computer security. As a Network Security Architect, you will test for vulnerabilities and install firewalls, along with various security policies and procedures.

6. Malware Analyst

For those that like to fight the breach head on, a Malware Analyst will ensure the fast and effective response and containment to a cyber-attack.

7. CISO / ISO / Director of Security

As a chief information security officer, you will be the balance between the IT department and the boardroom, with an equal understanding of both business and information security. Together with the ability to influence and negotiate, you will also have a thorough knowledge of global markets, policy, and legislation. With the ability to think creatively, the CISO will be a natural problem solver and will find ways to jump into the mind of a cyber criminal, discovering new threats and their solutions.

8. Security Software Developer

As a senior developer, this creative position requires the ability to design secure software using protected programming techniques, that are free from vulnerabilities which could be abused by hackers. You will have the ability to incorporate security analysis, defenses and countermeasures in order to ensure strong and reliable software.

9. Law Enforcement Computer Crime Investigator

If investigating computer crime excites you, and you want to make a career of recovering file systems that have been hacked or damaged, then this may be the path for you. In this position, you will assist in the forensic examinations of computers and media from a variety of sources, in view of developing forensically sound evidence.

10. Software Validation Engineer

As a software validation engineer, you will assess software in order to verify issues and log defects. You will be responsible for developing summary reports for tests performed and will review data with all team members. In summary, to fill this role you will be a qualified engineer responsible for managing, inspecting, testing and modifying the equipment and procedures used to manufacture various products.

11. Security Operations Center Analyst

SOC Analysts work alongside security engineers and SOC managers, to provide situational awareness through detecting, containing, and resolving IT threats. Working closely with incident response teams, a SOC analyst will address security issues — when detected, quickly and effectively.

12. Vulnerability Researcher / Exploit Developer

As one of the fastest growing careers in the tech industry, this vital role is responsible for research and analysis of new exploits and will hold experience in penetration testing and writing exploit code.

13. Security Audit and Risk Management Specialist

As the role responsible for identifying and assessing a company’s potential risks to safety, reputation and financial prosperity, the security audit and risk management specialist will have strong problem solving and analytical skills together with an ability to negotiate and be diplomatic while working under pressure.

14. Cyber Security Analyst / Engineer

As one of the highest-paid jobs in the field, the skills required to gain footing in this role are advanced. You must be highly competent in threat detection, threat analysis, and protection, broken authentication, cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery. This is a vital role in preserving the security and integrity of an organization’s data.

15. Mobile Security Manager

Taking care of an organization’s mobile device safety, as a Mobile Security Manager you are responsible for monitoring and securing all of a companies’ Smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other connected devices. Managing the collective tools, technologies, and processes that enable the securing of a mobile device or mobile computing environment, you will be part of a broader information security management policy that focuses mainly on mobile IT assets.

16. Application Penetration Tester

One of the most exciting roles within the cyber security industry, you will be responsible for the penetration testing (or ethical hacking), of applications, a significantly vulnerable point. The objective is to find security weaknesses before a cyber criminal does.

17: Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Manager

Level up your skills and earn your place as a disaster recovery manager, where you will be responsible for managing the design, implementation, and communication of organizations continuance and disaster recovery plans. Your processes will ensure the safeguarding of business data, technology, information systems and databases.

18. Technical Director and Deputy CISO

Would you like to train and develop future leaders in the cyber security department? You will be responsible for deciding on the costs needed to develop senior roles, on executing the security strategy consistently throughout the department and identifying and managing the skills and weaknesses of associates.

19. Intrusion Analyst

Network monitoring, intrusion detection, and packet analysis represent some of the very best data sources within our enterprise. These can be used to very rapidly confirm whether or not an incident has occurred, and allow an experienced analyst to determine, often in seconds or minutes, what the extent of a compromise might be.

20. IoT / Critical Infrastructure Security Director

A crucial role within today’s world where cyber attacks to our critical infrastructure are increasing in risk. In an age where almost every devise or piece of machinery can be connected to the internet, they too are at risk of being hacked. The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved so quickly that managing its security has become a minefield. When we look broadly into the matter, Critical Infrastructure is at risk to foul play. Power grids, chemical plants, and transportation systems are being attacked by hackers. While technology is consistently evolving, so too will attacks to this industry. The role of security director to IoT and Critical Infrastructure is invaluable — some might say indispensable.



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