Exploring yourself

Most of people confuse about describing themselves and i am also one of them before experimenting new things.I tried a lot of new tasks for my personal assessment of exploring my strengths,skills and weaknesses.I was getting out of my comfort zone by participating in different inter and intra-university competitions.These acts explored me through breaking my inner fears.With the passage of time,i continue my efforts with consistency which leads to know myself more and more for focusing on dark side and carrying the brighter side.For this purpose i texted my friends for their precious feedback.As my eagerness aroused for utilizing and knowing my traits for aligning feedback of people.With whom i spent a lot of time and my personal exposure as well as experience to combine these factors for personal development.

Motivator:for me helping or motivating people is just like giving myself a satisfaction that i did something beneficial for other.i believe help people and GOD will help you.

Hardworking:whenever i make a decision wrong or right,but always me try to work hard to achieve that level.Whatever the situation it does not matter if you can rely on your abilities and capabilities.

Good Planner:for me there is no execution without planning.planning is prerequisite and essential part of any plan.thats why i stick to my plan because i made it with a lot of efforts.