when we see the things from different angles and realize that we can achieve any thing which we want to achieve in our life. First of all we should know what we want want to do for this we should have a clear image of that thing which we want to achieve.MY GOAL is that i want to “improve my verbal communication skill”.
In this era grades are not all we should have some extra skills which help us in our job and society. verbal communication is very important to express our ideas in front of otheres, that why i want to improve and develop this skill because this will help me in my interview .

In past when ever i try to develop this skill in me i fail because i was kind of a person who is always like to examine people instead of talking. This was the main thing in the recent past which plays an important role to destroy my skill .
when i realized i am too much bad in this skills i identifies three task by which i can improve this skill.
1- i will interact with more people how much i can.
2-joining of relevant institute. 
3- should learn from those who had a good communication.
As i mention earlier that i like to examine people instead of talking this was the main challenge that i always faced to complete these task.
once my friend told me about an institute and said to me that shoaib you should join this to overcome these problem.Then i join that institute try to overcome my problem i try my level best to interact with the new peoples which are unknown to me and the atmosphere of the institute is very helping and supportive.
I learn that nobody can not do all the things alone . Every one needs help to overcome his/her problems. By interacting people i learn what people think about me what kind of a person i am what should i do to improve my skills.
this was a very good experience.
In the next step i will apply all the things in my daily routine which i learn from the otheres and with the passage of time i will participate in the public speaking.

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