Is Energy can be Created or Destroyed? And Is Universe is constant?

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another”.

Science is trying to find a one single entity/thing/matter/energy/material which created everything in universe.

The claim of energy neither be created by definition it proves that we can’t find an energy which will be created or destroyed. Rather, we can only find energy which is already created and existed in the universe. We use energy to do many things. If you collide two other kind of energy it converts to different kind of energy (may be cancel out each other which would prove energy can be destroy).

If there is only one single energy and other energy created by it then how it will change its form. There has to be another form of energy to work with the single energy to change its original form. There is nothing new in universe everything is same when universe is created. Some might argue how it has been created at first. But, that is not the point here. It exists that is the prove universe is created.

Therefore, there is no need for further explanation for now when, how and why created. We know electricity within the matter doesn’t created suddenly today. It was there at the time of creation.

But, we discover it two century ago. In universe, we are not finding anything new here but we’re looking after things which are existed including the effects of matters. We can’t change any form of reaction of matters. That is built-in each and every matter knows its defined reaction precisely with other matters. Water use to stop reaction of burning fire. This reaction is created at the time of creation of universe.

Is Universe is constant?

Many scientists agreed upon

“All the energy of the universe is constant”.

If that is proved than how could someone prove that universe uses probability in quantum field? If everything in universe is constant then how probability define energy. If energy is the probability of something than universe is not constant. The claim of both school of thoughts still unsettle to us. I have no finding up till now to disprove or agree upon these claims.