What Is MALWARE and its Types | Virus | Trojans | Worms

Malware is MALASIS SOFTWARE, which means not a good software. Once If it’s comes in to your computer it can damage your system very badly. First of all we would talk about from where it can be comes in to your CPU. If we talk about today’s Internet world. it is very common thing thatMalware get in to your system very easily. Let’s suppose during use the internet you visit the MALASIS Website. Or if you are downloading Pirated Content, Pirated Software, and Pirated Games, Applications or files. Even if you are watching online movies on any MALASIS Website or click on any advertisement. Sometimes you noticed that there are many e-mails in your inbox, these could be Malware infected e-mails. Form all these upper resources “Malware” gets in to your Computer and infect your CPU(Central Processing Unit) very badly.

Source: http://www.yourwebschool.com/malware-types-virus-worms-trojans/