All this talk about weight….

So, I have been reading these few entries about the frustrations and acceptance of either being fat, or skinny.

Why you DO NOT want to be fat, or skinny.

Why and how we should accept our bodies whether fat, or skinny.

After a while… it becomes a monotonous drone!

Here is what I think:

We are not meant to be fat or skinny. We are meant to be just.. healthy.

There are things we do to ourselves and cause us to be sick i.e. drinking 12 cans of Coke a day, finishing up a whole bag of crisps or cookies just because you opened the bag or packet, deep fried foods, the list goes on and on and on.

The above I do not have sympathy for!

There are some of us who strive and go out of our way to eat right and exercise and read up on food and nutrition and all else that comes with it. We try our hardest. We try our bestest.

Here is the thing. I tried to be healthy and eat well,for years right? Only to be told that I am Type 2 Diabetic last September.

Whack to the face? YES!

End of the world? No.

Apparently there was nothing I could have done about it, DNA, genetics and all that.

It just means that I have to now find ways that would work for me. Weight loss to look and feel good is no longer an option. It is not something I can mess about with. I really need to look after me.

I read somewhere this week that this body we have is only one loaned to us by God. We should be doing everything we can to look after it and do our best for it. We have been entrusted with it.

So T2D happened. No biggie. I now need to find the next best way to do it, you know, look after myself.

I have been given the gift of “making choices”. I need to be making “consistent” good choices. That is what I need to be doing for my body.

Finally, and I know I might get shot for this ( verbally of course ), there is something about looking at yourself in the mirror and noting that you are not fat. It does something for me. I do not want to be skinny, but I do not want to be fat. If I am not fat, it means my diabetes is under control. That is all it means to me.

This is no special entry I am writing. I am not even reading it back through to ensure there are no typos. Its 08:31 a.m. and I am about to start work. I feel good about the fact that I have had eggs and veg for breakfast. I have made my first good choice of the day. I intend to keep going. A day at a time.

I just wanted to share that.