Things you should do and avoid if you want to work from home as an intern

Sorry I can’t work as per your terms and conditions. If you want me to continue, please revert me back on the same mail id.

These are words that I received through a mail from one of the shortlisted interns. Believe me, companies don’t give a damn whether you want to continue or not.

When a company posts a requirement, it based upon mutual understanding that company equips you with all the details about the job including the terms and conditions. Now its your decision to continue or not.

Things to ask for before getting started

  1. Ask for a letter of appointment. Thats your fucking right. You should always ask for it.
  2. Ask for terms of receiving stipend. Most of the Work from Home internships are of sales and in such a case, you need to know whether there is any lower limit to receive stipend.
  3. Ask sensible questions. I received a mail after sending the terms to interns from one of them that did I mail her something? Are you kidding me. It was deadend for her. Who would like to recruit such intern.

Things you should try to avoid

1.Don’t be impatient. I had close to 250 applicants to select from. When one of the intern asked me for an offer letter. This is what he mailed me:

Dear sir, Please send me an offer letter before Monday.

Again, I am fiddling among the applications . Couldn’t you a bit more patient?

2. Be humble. As stated at the start. The mail was very and again I repeat very rude. You are the one searching for a job. Someone else could easily serve the company instead of you.

So Be Patient. Let the company do their job.

Final Words

Serve well. Get paid well. Network with your employers and other members of your group. Its a different type of experience to work from home for a company.

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