Patient Served Meal On Floor In Ranchi Hospital!! Health Industry of India Exposed!!

Amidst the intense debate on the pathetic healthcare facility in India, yes another incident has been reported in which a woman was not given any plate and was served food straight on the floor of a hospital ward. The budget of this Ranchi located state’s biggest Government hospital, the Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences is of Rs 300 Cr.

Rudely denied any plate 
Palmati Devi, a patient at the orthopaedic ward was admitted with a fractured hand and was undergoing treatment since past a few days. Her arms were wrapped in bandage. She did not had her own plate and thus, she asked one from the kitchen staff. But she was rudely rebuffed and told that there is no additional plate to spare. She was first asked to clean the floor following which, the ward boy served meal on the floor. The woman ate her meal of dal, rice and vegetables.

Take action, says hospital authority
“It’s not a common practice but we have started an inquiry and will take action those who served the food on the floor and then forced her to eat from there,” BL Sherwal, the hospital’s Director, told. In the recent days, several instances, exposing the state of hospitals and how patients are treated have come to light. A poor tribal in Odisha, Dana Majhi, walked 10 km carrying his dead wife’s body on his shoulder after being denied hearse facilities.

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