Genesis AI Agent NFTs — Powering a Sustainable Ecosystem for Shockwaves
4 min readMay 18


Hello Shockwaves community!

We are approaching the mint date of the Genesis AI Agent NFTs, which are at the center of the Shockwaves project.

The AI Agent NFTs are the characters of Shockwaves, they are not only playable but also can play by themselves. By doing so they bring passive rewards to their owners and they are key in ensuring a sustainable game ecosystem.

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the utility of the Shockwaves AI Agents and explain how they contribute to the overall sustainability of the game economy.

In-game utility

The AI Agent NFTs can be used in Shockwaves in three ways, they can either be played by their owner, rented or play as AIs by themselves.

Played by owner

Players can use their AI Agent NFT as character or skin when they play Shockwaves. Each NFT will have a unique appearance with different combinations of colors, models, masks and other pieces of equipment.

Playing with your own NFT ensures that you will earn the full in-game rewards collected as you play.


As the NFT supply is limited and we target a wide audience for Shockwaves, players who don’t own an AI Agent will still be able to play by automatically renting a random character when they play.

A proportion of the rewards that are earned while playing will go to the owner of the NFT and the rest is received by the one renting it.

Played by the AI itself

When players start a match, AIs will be randomly selected to join that game to play alongside their human counterparts, the Luck attribute of the NFT impacts the probability of it being chosen to join a game.

In that situation, a proportion of the AI’s in-game earnings will be given to the owner of the NFT and the rest will be received by the inventory of the AI NFT itself.

Each AI Agent NFT has its own name, personality, nationality, skill level and it evolves as it plays the game.

It is essential to have AIs playing Shockwaves alongside players as it ensures that the wait time to find a match stays short and the game economics remain stable despite fluctuations of the player base over time. It is also useful during testing phases of the project, when there is not yet a full player population that has access to the game.

The AIs can interact with players in the chat based on a language model that uses their personalities and attributes

In-game reward system

In order to keep the game economics sustainable in the long term, NFTs with in-game utility such as weapons will be the main reward mechanism for playing. These NFTs will be tradable on any compatible marketplace, such as OpenSea.

We avoid using token-based rewards as the primary reward system as it tends to cause unhealthy levels of inflation, and dilute the token holders and stakers.

When there is a revenue split, as with renting, the NFT loots will be randomly assigned either to the owner of the Agent or to the player.

Rarity tiers

AI Agent NFTs come with different levels of rarity which are based on their AI maximum achievable skill level and their luck. These parameters have a strong impact on the ability of an Agent to generate rewards for their owner but won’t create imbalance in the game which could be frustrating for other players.

The rarity tiers and supplies are as follow:

  • Common: 1200
  • Uncommon: 500
  • Rare: 300
  • Epic: 150
  • Legendary: 72

Maximum achievable AI skill level

Each AI Agent will have a skill level which can evolve over time as it plays the game. This skill level will impact the shooting accuracy, reactivity, etc. of the AI when it plays by itself and therefore its capacity of receiving rewards.

The maximum achievable skill level is the limit in skills that a specific AI can reach, rarer tiers can reach higher levels.


Luck impacts the probability of receiving loot when playing and the probability of the AI to be chosen to take part in a match. The luck attribute is associated with the rarity of the AI Agent.

Since AIs are not necessarily playing all the time, having a higher luck will increase the time played and therefore the expected amount of in-game rewards.

Online interactive NFTs within trading platforms

In order to show the potential of the AI agent and get external people more familiar with the project, we have created the first online experience in Web3 history that can be played directly on OpenSea on the page of an Agent NFT. In this space you can see other people connected and interact with them.

While it is not the main game itself, this online experience serves as a gateway to the project for people who hear about Shockwaves from the NFT side and it reaffirms our goal to be pioneers in the Web3 space.

We are looking forward to see you all, human and AIs, in the game!



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