3 min readMay 1, 2024


Welcome to the reveal of the Phase 2 Roadmap which will take us from the first listing on a centralized exchange to SHOCKWAVES on the EPIC STORE! We present here the first the major update that awaits SHOCKWAVES for the next 12 months. There will be a lot of other things around, which we will talk about in detail in future videos and posts (AXONITE, The Arcade, Exhibitions, partnerships …)

This roadmap focuses on the way we will move from a robust innovative project to a calibrated game that can conquer the Web2 and Web3 crowds. This goes through many aspects:

  • First impressions
  • Player experience
  • Renewal and depth of gameplay

Once these aspects of the project have been perfected and the game has reached the most demanding platforms’ quality standards, we will be ready for major marketing developments.

The first major upgrade will enable HOLDERS to be connected in a new way: THE STAKING BATTLE V2. This will witness AI AGENTS clashing with the terrible legions of FRONTRUNNERS.

The game will soon become much bigger with the arrival of new MAPs. Starting with the arrival of Naifu Island, a century-old island dedicated to music and nature. Followed by DUNAI which will bring you to Egypt in the desert hallucinations of the Pharaohs.

Between these two maps, to prepare for the release of the Epic Store, we will carry out major graphics improvements on the AI AGENTS. The new models will highlight the sporting and technological aspect of these artificial intelligences.

After that, the next step will be the Sixth Door introducing a new act of tokenomics : Epic Lootboxes. You’ll find brand new items inside and those will completely renew the gameplay, particularly melee weapons.

The last step before the release will be the integration of the BROADCASTERS along with the very first NFTs Twitch drops ever, which will be the start of an unprecedented marketing campaign linking Web2 and Web3

Once the maps are released, the characters updated, the gameplay perfected, the marketing tools ready, we will have a game that will be ready to meet the general PUBLIC. This new version of the game will then be released on EPIC STORE, making the game a success and open the door to Phase 3, which will have an in-depth focus on ESPORT

There are many things we would like to talk about: our new company, AXONITE, The ARCADE and upcoming exhibitions. Keep an eye out, we’ll get back with announcement videos about it!



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