My Child is in My Bed

Coughing, fever and more

It’s that time of the year for a parent. It doesn’t matter how many times you make them wash their hands,the winter season will attack your children and hit them hard.

If you have more than one child, escaping the sicko child is like trying to catch a Fukushima fish without an extra eye.

School just makes it worse.The germs in your average school makes the Center for Disease Control staff queasy thinking about going in there with their hazmat suits.

It’s not all bad news though. You get to cuddle them at 4 am after cleaning the puke out of their hair and running the steam cleaner in their room a few times. Cuddling is fun right? Especially when you get that whiff of awful.

There’s nothing like a sick kid to make you wish it could be you instead.

Your chance will come. Just give it time.

The child that comes into the bedroom at 2am looking for mommy might have had a bad dream. They may also be looking for the new duvet to bless with their half digested supper. You just never know at this time of the year.

The germ cycle is awesome. It’s like the perfect pyramid scheme. Everybody wins! If you’re really lucky, everyone in your family will get it at once and you can just write off one week instead of six.

It’s that time of year. I’m already looking forward to summer.

Gotta run, my kid has a croupy cough and is threatening to make it messy.

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