when will you come back?

melody prochet has a dream. a dream that one day the acoustics of her bedroom will project an infinite delay. a delay so long that the currency of shoegaze will be devalued by the time it has finished its road trip around your tympanic membrane. kevin parker (lame impala) produced her self-titled debut album in september 2012; but why haven’t i stopped listening to it yet? the elegance and frailty combine melody’s charismatic reveries, and leave the listener in a stupor of neo-psychedelic ascension. the opening track ‘i follow you’ (the album can be found here: spotify) coagulates harmonious chords, leaving a solid residue of bitter sweetness in its trail. there is certainly a liberal amount of time spent shoegazing throughout the album, but never too much. melody is an adventurer, a part-time narcoleptic dancer, who always finds the time to attend to her bee garden — to smother her album in any nectar left behind by them. this guy called lucifervibes also uploaded a copy of the album to youtube if you still haven’t bought spotify premium yet. 2012 was a huge year for shoegaze, dream pop, and nu gaze [the release of beard wives denim, django django, ep delicious, lonerism, mature themes, oshin, toy ← (going a bit off genre here) support this claim] and melody keyed open the gateway to similar artists: diiv, foxygen, tamaryn, unknown mortal orchestra, and wild nothing (to name a few) who would continue to release albums capable of sustaining those eargasms. while her music is more likely to worsen your headache, rather than cure it, the atmospheric pressure of floating will alleviate any pain that is left in your cranium, and replace it with a temporary supply of crystals. darkness meets light in this phantasmagorical release, and the tunnel of reverb may leave you wanting more. catch her if you can. track 1 (i follow you) is my favourite, but i still recommend that you listen to the other 10. i look forward to your next album release. quand vas tu rentrer?

melody’s echo chamber — melody’s echo chamber