Having Infertility issues? Floating can help!

Floating & Infertility

According to the CDC 11% of women have issues becoming pregnant or are diagnosed with infertility. Infertility is defined by the Women’s Health Government’s website as “not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying (or six months if a woman is 35 or older).” 2/3 Americans do not consume enough magnesium or suffer from acute magnesium deficiency.

Women who suffer from infertility also show symptoms of depression, feelings of remorse or regret. Fertility treatments can be extremely expensive and time consuming. There are very few proven successful completely natural remedies for infertility but there are ways to increase fertility by altering your diet or making small lifestyle changes.

Home Made Mommy writes an awesome blog post on 10 vitamins and supplements to increase fertility. Can you guess which primary ingredient in floatation is on their list? Magnesium.

Ultra Epsom Salt in Fine Grain

Magnesium is essential for our bodies so we can successfully perform all bodily functions including but not limited to blood pressure regulation, restful sleep, promoting healthy circulation, lowering chloresterol and healthy body weight by increasing digestive functions. Magnesium is key for absorbing other nutrients which infects all major parts of our body. Magnesium is also responsible for healthy fertility.

Floatation features 850–1000 lbs of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) diluted into an 11 inch water solution. Float tanks use USP grade epsom salt guaranteeing purity as every batch is tested.

Our Tranquility Floatation Tank or POD

A 60 minute session in the floatation tank is more than enough for our skin to absorb more than the daily recommended amount of magnesium due to molecular diffusion. Our bodies naturally level out magnesium so there is no chance of an overdose of magnesium from floating.

A few sessions in a floatation pod could be just enough to alter infertility woes, relieve stress and tension.

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