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What is Growth Product Management?

Top 1% of companies consider product / marketing / monetization in a unified manner and in addition to conventional optimization approach (ie A/B/n testing), PMs need to think about exponential growth strategy

5 Pillars of Exponential Growth

Network Effect


  • Strong Brand makes investment for 3 below cheaper
  • However, be mindful that brand takes a while to develop but it only takes single incident to ruin


  • Consists of :
  • Monetary incentive (referrals)
  • Self-Benefit (like you invite your friends to TikTok…if you do…)
  • Egoistic (some people start TikTok because they consider the influencer market is already crowded in Instagram)
  • If product is…

Disclaimer: New technologies and problems they try to solve excite me. I spent a weekend reading up on Libra whitepaper to get a grasp of what it is. Writing below reflects how I would explain this topic to my parents.

Last Tuesday, Facebook announced its cryptocurrency , Libra. This news gained much traction as this could usher in the involvement of other tech behemoths likes of Amazon and Google into the cryptocurrency space.

What is Libra?

According to Libra whitepaper, Libra is a blockchain based global currency whose value is tied to a basket of real world currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, JPY). …

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Emerging Tech Enthusiast. Data Science / Product Management

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