US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
Caitlin Johnstone

As I was saying to those near and dear — Here we go again — the US fomenting unrest in yet another country — and crying about human rights — when the human rights record in their own land is so abysmal (unless one is wealthy and all the way to the Money Bump with Donald Trump)!

I actually think its beyond time for the rest of the world to impose sanctions on the US until equality and freedom is guaranteed all citizens. Let’s close our borders to their entry. Those within the US who are inconvenienced will of course tell their government to change its ways and become fair and decent — which it will do — and if not — then UN Peace-Keeping Forces could be stationed across the country to ensure a peaceful transition to proper democracy and free-and-fair elections. Sounds good to me

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