We Need to Talk About Bill Nye
Nathaniel MacPherson

I’m writing from Australia. I have absolutely never heard of Bill NYE. I clicked on this article because I was thinking the brilliant British actor Bill NIGHY. And the other name mentioned was Ken HAM. Australian, did you say? Clearly now a US citizen or resident. Again — I’ve never heard of him — though I have heard of a Creation Park in the US — maybe there are several parks of that order in the US? To each their delusion I guess. But then we have an LNP government (a mix of Republican-like, Tea Party, and other illogicals even now as I write fraying off into two or three member extremist parties) famous for denying human agency in climate change. Monsanto and others have done their GM-best to destroy non-GM agriculture in Australia — and fracking and the extraction of coal continues apace in this the dryest continent on eaerth — intent on destroying the flow of rivers or reducing the level of artesian basin aquifers to serve their companies shareholders — most of whom are NOT to be found in Australia — but aided and abetted by politicians compromised in all the kinds of ways they arte and can be in this big biz so-called Free Trade kind of world. I was raised a fundamentalist protestant by the way — arrived in the 19th century to Australia from the US — listened with one ear to my science teachers while carrying in another part of my brain an absolute “faith” in the Creation story. But I finally grew up — travelled the world — listened to geologists, read for myself — found that religion is itself a kind of metaphor for doing and being good. That we have to look after our world — its people differences and its environment.

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