The Button Under His Desk
Mimi Kramer

Thanks, Mimi. My mother (now in her late 80s — to give some perspective of time) is one of the people of no important profile — but in her latter years has given me some insights into the sexual interference, assaults and so forth she has suffered from at least the age of eight — church men — in the main (fundamentalist protestant) and older male siblings. When she was widowed at age 21 (with two small boys) the judge making a determination on the compensation she was entitled to pointed to her age and that she would likely soon re-marry and awarded a figure about 15% of the amount possible. Half went into a small house as a deposit — the rest served my brother and me till we reached our majority — dental bills, bicycles (riding to school) and clothes/shoes with each growth spurt). So pestered was she by men that about five years into her widowhood she did indeed marry again (a form of protection)— though not a happy one for her — or for me— but endured. By my mother till his death (a war-damaged alcoholic) though just before he died he apologised to her. A small mercy. So sexual and legal “assaults” I would say!