You are just an alcoholic.

Not everyone is wired the same. I can not drink and I know it. When I ‘popped a top’, cork or lid it didn’t need saving. No way can I control alcohol — it always controlled me. Don’t know if it’s Indian blood, genes or ? That’s just the way it is. I’m 72 and once went about six years sober. Then thought I was good enough to be a ‘social’ drinker. Pure bull-shit for me. I got to the point I knew I was destroying body parts. I can testify that my life is 100% better w/o the booze. To make things even better, I found the Lord Jesus, or rather he found me, and now have abundant life! Anyone want to scream about that-go ahead. I know that life with the Holy Spirit is better than the inverse. Just as life w/o Ethyl is better than the inverse. Cheers!