Girl Scout Gold Award is Helping Babies in Need

After reaching ambassador status in Girl Scouts, girls have the opportunity to go forward with a Gold Award project, which is the highest award one can receive. Baily Holsinger watched six of the girls in her troop graduate without attempting the award, but that didn’t stop her desire to complete it for herself.

Baily Holsinger and her Girl Scout troop 360.

With support from family, friends and her troop, Holsinger completed her Gold Award project, Beanies for Babies, after about a year of working on it.

As a babysitter and studying to be a sonogram technician, Holsinger has a passion for babies and knew that she wanted to focus her projects on helping newborns. She talked to her aunt, Deb Stewart, and found that hospitals were in desperate need of beanies for their newborns. That was when Holsinger created her project Beanies for Babies.

Beanies for Babies is Baily Holsinger’s Gold Award project that was created in 2016.

In order to even start the Girl Scout Gold Award, girls have to go through a long process of paperwork and approval. Holsinger pitched her project to the Girl Scout council multiple times, each time having it sent back needing revisions. There were many instances that Holsinger wanted to quit during this part of her project. But because her grandmother, Helen Magee, expressed how proud she was and the support she was giving Holsinger, she didn’t give up.

Beanies for Babies was finally approved by the council and Holsinger could start working on her project.

Holsinger learned how to crochet baby hats using multiple YouTube tutorials and started making beanies by the dozens. Turning to her friends and family for help, Holsinger taught classes on how to make beanies and collected them to take to local hospitals such as Denver Health and Baby Haven.

Teaching classes on how to create beanies was part of the requirements of her project to ensure that it make a lasting impact on the community. She even taught a younger Girl Scout troop who are thinking about continuing Beanies for Babies as part of one of their projects.

As of today, Holsinger has created and collected about 200 beanies for her project. Some class participants are still making contributions.

Baily Holsinger collects large amounts of beanies before making a delivery to hospitals.

When Holsinger delivers her beanies to hospitals like Denver Health, they often ask her to help them put together baskets for newborns that feature her handmade beanies. These baskets are given to new parents as a welcome gift for their baby.

Baby welcome baskets at Denver Health feature Baily Holsinger’s Beanies for Babies project.

Parents and staff at Holsinger’s beanie delivery locations are always so thankful for her Gold Award project and her desire to help those in need.

“Even a little impact is all the difference to anybody…so knowing that my little beanies are helping families all over Denver is amazing and it’s really inspiring for other people to learn about it.” — Baily Holsinger