The monkey, the bird, and the king. I only hope this doesn’t end like Narnia.

Shomprakash Sinha Roy
Jun 9 · 5 min read
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Some realizations are dark, some aren’t, and some are just so aggressively timed and introduced into your life, that you are left with nothing more to do other than surrender your entire idea of existence into the act of fulfilling your destiny.

Things were different yesterday. Yesterday, no monkey spoke to me. I have spoken to the monkey on several occasions. I believe that the last time I tried speaking to the monkey, or perhaps one of the other forms he goes by, I really tried telling him that I believe in him.

He responded today.

At this point, I must insist that I am no longer the person I once knew, as I am writing this.

Okay. Here goes. The Monkey Man.

Destructive? No.

Manipulative? Not how you would imagine.

Forceful? Yes.

Through innumerable chapters in time, the monkey-man has played his role as the great trainer, because he is meant to train. He bears bad news, carries your warriors, brings you medicine, relief, but keeps you on your path. There is really no escape from this monkey-man. I really hope, wherever he is, he understands that I have understood, I am not questioning the path, I am not denying my destiny. It is just taking me a little time to go about the destiny of which I have just become aware. Dear sir, it is a lot to take in. I do not know the language in which you want me to respond, so I’m trying to amuse you the best way I can. I am trying to make you laugh while you just consider the fact that I have listened, and there is no turning back for me. But please, allow me the time to think through this episode through my feeble lens of human consciousness, before I accept the deal. Have you seen The Matrix? Of course you have. You’re giving me two pills, sir. I need time to decide.

Okay. I think I’m talking to the monkey man now.

Fuck. This is crazy.

The whole king thing. No, I can’t do this.

Poetry now. I’m going to do what this other monkey-man conversationist does. I’m going to be cryptic. Monkey-man, forgive me. This is hard.

No bird will die, no queen will be tormented this time around. I keep saying that all the time and things happen anyway, but we have come a long way, monkey-man. I’m smarter than you think now. Let’s do some poems now.

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Bengalis read further. Sorry for troubling all you other folk. Which translates to zero readers, so I’m not hurting anyone by wasting their time, either, monkey-man.

বাঁদর তুমি কালিদাস বটে

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কানের ফোকরে ঝাপসা আওয়াজে বলিল বাঁদর তুমি ঈক্ষবকুর রাজকুমার।

আমি বললাম কালিদাস, পাশের প্রদেশে কেন বোলো দেখি কাঁচালংকার স্বাদ মিষ্টি ?

বাঁদর বললেন দুস্মপ্ন বাদ দাও অনেক হইয়েছে নগরে করো প্রবেশ কাজের করো শ্রীগণেশ থাকবে প্রদেশের জায়গায়ই প্রদেশ

জিগেশ করলাম কালিদাস এতো ভেলকি কেন দেখাও সহজে বলে ফেলো কি কাজ বাকি

বলিল বাঁদর তুমি ঈক্ষবকুর রাজকুমার বিজয়বধ কর্তব্য তোমার হেলায় কাটিয়ে দিচ্ছ বেশ বিপদ এলো ঘনিয়ে।

আমি বললাম কালিদাস বিপদ আপদ তোমার সৃষ্টি তো? বললেন হ্যাঁ।

তোমার বুকে নাকি আমি আছি দেখাও তো দেখি বাঁদর বলিলেন তোমার হয়ে তোমার পকেটে ঘুরে বেড়িয়েছি তুমি আমার বুকে মাথা ঠুকলে তাই দেখোনি ঠিক করে

তোমরাই আছো.

আমি বললাম ঠিক আছে কালিদাস কথা শুনলাম কাজটা করবো।

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Shomprakash Sinha Roy is a writer whose goal in life is to love unconditionally and create the world he wants to live in.