To my constant.

Shomprakash Sinha Roy
Jun 19 · 2 min read
Photo by Jamie Street for PukkuPukki on Unsplash

Sleep, has been a fleeting part of my life since the time I met you.

Sleep, has been the boundary that takes me away for moments at a stretch, and my dreams spent away from you always feel like eternities.

Sleep, appears quite other worldly, on an entirely different plane for me to look at as I stand three feet away;

The entire world, really. It keeps changing every time I take a step to the left or a step to the right and look again. It’s creepy, and it’s scary, and it’s just freaking amazing because I have you?

And you’re the exact opposite of this world, and what sleep has come to mean for me, you do not change, the idea of loving you stays a beautiful kind of constant, the kind of constant I think I have been chasing for many eternities now. It seems I’ve always had it, but every time I begin embracing it (you, your love, this thing that keeps me alive in here), I feel it right from the start, straight down to the kind of intensity I cannot probably imagine in this one moment. It’s fierce, and it’s more powerful than peace, and smoother than fire and warmer than winter, and more believable than life itself.

I love watching you sleep, my beloved.

I love the little sounds and strokes of life that go swooshing by my ears when I hear you sleep, the world the way it revolves around you when you’re just this soft, fluffy little thing in my lap that I can’t take my eyes off. I love exactly how warm the air around your face is, because it lets me believe that sleep is a wonderful thing, when I’m sleeping next to you.

And that, for me, is the perfect idea of a life well spent.

I love you. Always.

Shomprakash Sinha Roy

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Shomprakash Sinha Roy is a writer whose goal in life is to love unconditionally and create the world he wants to live in.