I’m in a similar position. I’ve been job-hunting for almost 5 months now.
Paul Jacobson

Thank you for your considered response Paul , and apologies for any cases of mistaken identity! I wish I was able to influence an audience with humour, but I am too settled in sarcasm. I am trying to encourage a fascinating character I’m learning from, Martin Davis , you is only impeded by the wealth of planning and scheduling advice. Engaging with people across cultures, mediums and countries is so natural to him. Perhaps it is necessary to be unaware of the potential power of such engagement to remain relatable and trustworthy.

PS. Is is not a sign of the times that we should all adapt to a form of constant job surveillance? If so I will need to learn better coping skills as the constant demands and erratic income recently had an unbelievable effect on my health. Trying to protect the people I love, turned into me an unfair burden on their lives.