I just worked for 2 weekends to give my kid an ancient, semi-broken laptop to watch Netflix on. Why do this? Because things are too easy and sometimes they need to be hard. Why would things need to be difficult? Read on…

I’ve had a Netflix account since the year 2000. Yep, 2000. Back then, Netflix would send you these little 5 inch discs called DVDs through the good ole’ U.S. Postal Service. This was insane when you could just drive to the video store but I’m weird. Back then, I was in my mid 20’s and I was watching…

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The mini Pet, before the array

This isn’t really about the Commodore Pet I recently built and have been fetishizing about for a few months. This is about my ongoing love and hate of mdadm. You see, after years of not using it, I’m using it again. Partly because it’s useful, partly because I was feeling abstruse and decided to use it again when I could have just bought a 10TB drive and called it a day. Sometimes we like to create problems so we can solve them.

I recycled a few old disks from work and it turned out, those disks were already part of…

Switching from iPhone 7 to Google Pixel after 8 straight years on iOS.

I was going to make this pretty and grammatically correct, but then it would sit unpublished so fuck it. Here’s a simple list of what I do and do not miss about the iPhone 7.

I may flesh this out some more.. but probably not. I’m writing this on the Pixel device right now. These are my first impressions.

I’ve used Android before. I even developed some apps. In the distant past I was frustrated by performance and stability issues. As expected, those are gone. The Pixel…

When I was a kid there where no giant bookstores. We had Foot Locker sized mall stores like B.Dalton and Walden Books. We had a few independent stores sprinkled around the town. We had libraries. We were happy. Then everything changed.

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I experienced my first super-mega bookstore when I was around 21 years old. It was a two-story Barnes & Nobel in Huntington Beach, California. It was enormous. Bigger than 5 normal bookstores combined. I was amazed. They had books and magazines I had never seen or even heard of. …

Shon Burton

Founder @hiringsolved. Co-Founder @MLconf. Happy Dad, Husband & geek.

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